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P  A  U  L      D  E     H  A  A  N 

2006 - 2012 

In this period he continuously resumed painting, starting with reproductions of works from the past and then continuing with original works. The first still lifes with a vertical aerial perspective were born, a characteristic that will remain until 2020. The painting is characterized by bright colors and high contrasts

P  A  U  L      D  E     H  A  A  N 

2013 - 2020 

It is the period in which the search for ever greater detail brings his works very close to hyperrealism. Throughout this period he maintained the aerial perspective for still lifes.
The painting is very thin characterized by a large quantity of glazes applied until brushstrokes and individual applications of color disappear

P  A  U  L      D  E     H  A  A  N 

2020 - TODAY 

The period of "Pittura alla Prima" begins, a return to more impressionistic brushstrokes with more knowledge and awareness. He continues the search for personal poetics.
The painting returns to being material with superimpositions of fresh color on fresh color typical of Alla Prima painting

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